Product certification (CPR)

The certification body at MFPA Leipzig GmbH can issue a certificate of (product-related) constancy of performance if your product fulfils all or some of the following criteria:

  • The product type can be determined using a type approval test (including sampling), a type calculation, from value tables or documents describing the product
  • An initial inspection of the plant and the in-house production quality testing
  • Ongoing monitoring, assessment and evaluation of the in-house production quality testing
  • Sample testing (audit testing) of samples taken from the product before distribution

Product Certification Body (System 1 and System 1+)

Technical specification
Product family
EAD 040016-00-0404External thermal insulation composite systems/kits with rendering (ETICS)
EAD 050001-00-0301Reinforcing and prestressing steel for concrete
EN 1013:2012Roof coverings, rooflights, roof windows and ancillary products
EN 15102:2007+A1:2011
EN 13245-2:2008/AC:2009
EN 12467:2012
Internal and external wall and ceiling finishes
EN 13984:2013Membranes
EN 13162:2012+A1:2015
EN 13163:2012+A1:2015
EN 13164:2012+A1:2015
EN 13165:2012+A1:2015/
EN 13165:2012+A2:2016
EN 13166:2012+A1:2015/
EN 13166:2012+A2:2016
EN 13167:2012+A1:2015
EN 13168:2012+A1:2015
EN 13169:2012+A1:2015
EN 13170:2012+A1:2015
EN 13171:2012+A1:2015
EN 14315:2013
EAD 040057-00-1201
Thermal insulating products
ETAG 018-1:2004
ETAG 018-4:2004
EAD 350142-00-1106
ETAG 026-1:2008
ETAG 026-3:2008
EAD 350141-00-1106
Fire stopping, fire sealing and fire protective products
EN 14889-1:2006
EN 14889-2:2006
Products related to concrete, mortar and grout
EN 14449:2005/AC:2005
EN 1096-4
EN 12150-2
EN 13024-2
EN 14178-2
EN 14179-2
EN 14321-2
EN 1748-1-2
EN 1748-2-2
EN 1863-2
EN 572-9
EN 1279-5
Flat glass, profiled glass and glass-block products
EAD 280016-00-0602Feueralarm-/ Feuererkennungssystem, ortsfeste Löschanlagen, Feuer- und Rauchschutzsysteme und Explosionsschutzprodukte

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Marion Kertscher
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