Student interns sought/final-year dissertations to assign

Student interns sought/final-year dissertations to assign

As a successful, growing company with an interdisciplinary outlook, we are always on the lookout for motivated students to actively support us.

If you

  • Have basic knowledge in the fields of civil engineering/mechanical engineering/physics/chemistry,
  • Have some professional experience already,
  • Are not afraid to take responsibility for carrying out practical activities independently,
  • Want to support your final-year dissertation with real results and experiences and
  • Share our enthusiasm for experimental testing of building materials and types of structure,

then we would like to give you the opportunity to build a solid career foundation for yourself and to gain insights into the following areas of activity:

  • Testing, inspecting and assessing building materials, components and types of structure made from concrete, steel, wood, metal, synthetic materials, glass and insulating materials
  • Emission spectrometry analysis and non-destructive testing of metallic materials and welded joints, stationary and mobile metallography
  • Determining the density, crack resistance, thermal conductivity, water vapour permeability, airborne and impact sound protection, impact noise reduction, dynamic stiffness, flow resistance, compressive, tensile and flexural strength
  • Testing and classification of fire behaviour of building materials, types of structure and full-scale special constructions
  • Assessment and testing of the functionality of sealing products in sealing processes
  • Analysing the environmental sustainability of building materials
  • Testing pipes, shaft rings, channels, gratings and manhole covers as regards fitness for purpose

If we have caught your interest, we would be delighted if you could send us a short application, including your CV and profile, to:

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Your contact for internships and final-year dissertations

Head of central administration
Mike Kolbig
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