Tested and verified quality – the MFPA Leipzig GmbH Seal of Quality

Promote yourself to your customers with the proven quality of your products as tested and/or verified by MFPA Leipzig GmbH. Your customers will be impressed by the consistent reliability and high quality of your construction products. 

If any one of the following points applies, you can apply to MFPA Leipzig GmbH to be granted the MFPA Seal of Quality:

  • Your product passed the required test.
  • Your in-house production quality testing (PQT) passed the required verification and is additionally monitored at regular intervals by MFPA Leipzig GmbH.

I. Seal of Quality for products

In conjunction with reports on results, this Seal of Quality emphasises that the product has been made in accordance with the relevant European standards and fulfils all the requirements of these standards.

II. Seal of Quality for the verification of in-house production quality testing

MFPA Leipzig GmbH monitors your in-house production quality testing at regular intervals and certifies that you have correctly met all the conditions. In addition to the relevant building code symbols, you can use the Verified Quality seal in your marketing and impress your customers with the consistent quality of your production.

Your point of contact

Head of QM
Marion Kertscher
T +49 (0)341 6582-177
F + 49 (0)341 6582-135