Conditions of use

The Seal of Quality is not a replacement for a legally required conformity marking, such as a CE or Ü mark. It is also not a mark that authorises the product for a particular use.

Use of the MFPA Leipzig GmbH-issued Seal of Quality on the product, in leaflets, brochures, on the Internet or in similar media is permitted if it is directly connected to the product that has been tested/verified or to in-house production quality testing. Changes to the content are prohibited; the size can be scaled freely.

Furthermore, it is absolutely mandatory that the product is manufactured/verified in compliance with the applicable European standards and that it meets all requirements of these standards in a verifiable manner via the testing/verification at MFPA Leipzig GmbH.

General use (e.g. in business letters) without direct reference to the product named and tested/verified on the Seal of Quality is prohibited.

The validity period of the MFPA Leipzig GmbH Seal of Quality is strictly tied to the validity of the report on results or to the verification contract, but shall not exceed 5 years. When the validity period of the report expires/the contract is terminated 

  • a) the Seal of Quality must be immediately removed from all media mentioned above, or
  • b) the right to advertise with the Seal of Quality may be extended on request.

MFPA Leipzig GmbH may at any time prohibit the use of the Seal of Quality or add additional conditions of use. There is no legal entitlement to issuance of the MFPA Leipzig GmbH Seal of Quality. The General Terms and Conditions of MFPA Leipzig GmbH also apply and can be downloaded from the website mentioned above.

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