We are your partners for all testing and inspection tasks relating to heat and impact noise insulating materials and will gladly provide you with expert support in acquiring certifications and approvals. Our services include the measurement of thermal, hygric and mechanical material properties in our laboratory.


We also have extensive experience in the measurement of the water vapour diffusion resistance of insulating materials and films. In our EOTA double-walled test stand, we examine TICS and suspended and ventilated façade systems in accordance with various ETA guidelines. Hygrothermal simulations, thermal bridge calculations and expert reports relating to all technical heat and moisture protection issues round off our range of services.

  • A recognised testing, verification and certification body for insulating materials for heat and noise protection in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation
  • Determination of the thermal, hygric and mechanical properties of insulating and construction materials
  • Testing of water vapour permeability — sd-value, ?-value
  • Thermal conductivity test in the temperature range from –15°C to +60°C
  • Numerical simulation — modelling of heat-transfer processes, thermal bridge calculation
  • On-site investigations — sampling, long-term climate monitoring
  • Approval tests for façade systems in the hygrothermal wall test stand

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Working Group Leader
Stephan Reichel
T +49 (0)341 6582-190
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