Construction chemistry and environmental analytics

We have many years of experience in the area of chemical analysis investigations and in the determination of the performance characteristics of inorganic and organic materials. In order to perform a very wide variety of studies, our fully air-conditioned laboratories are equipped with the latest measuring, testing and analysis technology. The range of investigations covers both inorganic bonding agents, mineral-based and ceramic materials and impregnations, coatings, concrete additives, synthetic materials, bitumen and wood preservatives. We perform construction-related and environmental chemical analyses on your behalf, during the course of site diagnostics, site evaluations and the testing of the compatibility of construction materials.

  • Accredited laboratory for wet-chemical and instrumental analyses and verifications, resistance and ageing tests
  • A recognised testing, inspection and certification body in accordance with state building regulations for affixed concrete reinforcements, segmental construction
  • A wide range of studies — qualitative and quantitative assay of organic and inorganic materials, structurally damaging salts, impregnations, coatings and corrosion protection, concrete additives, water
  • Construction-related chemical tests — age-dependent characteristic properties of textile fabrics and synthetic materials, weathering, resistance to chemicals, influences of temperature and the environment, diffusion processes, material corrosion, penetration behaviour of water-polluting substances, acid-resistance of concrete
  • Surveying and assessment — paint and coating damage, corrosion and expansion in concrete, mutual compatibilities of construction materials


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