Testing of behaviour under climatic stress conditions

The mineral building materials laboratory has flexible accreditation for testing of behaviour under climatic stress conditions.

State-of-the-art measurement and testing technology mean that different freeze/thaw cycle tests can be performed with and without thawing agents (including CDF and CIF tests). This includes tests in accordance with:

  • DIN EN 1338
  • DIN EN 1339
  • DIN EN 1340
  • Code of practice of the BAW (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute) on Frost Testing
  • CEN / TS 12390-9
  • Test Guidelines for Saxony

By measuring the level of weathering and assessing the surface of the test specimen after a set number of freeze/thaw cycles, it is possible to draw conclusions as to the resistance of the material in relation to the stress in a freeze/thaw cycle. These tests are carried out to analyse the suitability of a building material and as part of damage analyses.

In addition to testing the resistance to the freeze/thaw cycle, the Building Materials business division offers other environmental simulations on materials, e.g.
salt spray testing or acid resistance testing.


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