Conventional structural testing

Often, a superficial visual inspection of a damaged structure is not sufficient to assess all aspects of its condition. It is often necessary to also take samples of the building materials for further analysis in the laboratory. With the results of the on-site inspection and the lab tests, it is possible to analyse the condition of the structure and determine what repair measures are possible/necessary.

Our services include the following conventional structural tests on building construction, civil and structural engineering: 

  • Taking cores e.g. for:
    - Compressive strength testing,
    - Determining the frost resistance (freeze/thaw cycle test; determining the air void characteristics)
  • Taking bore dust, e.g. to measure the chloride content
  • Removing masonry blocks e.g. for compressive strength testing
  • Adhesive strength testing
  • Revealing the reinforcement e.g. to:
    - Measure the concrete cover
    - Determine the degree of reinforcement
    - Analyse the extent of corrosion of the reinforcement
    - Determine the carbonation depth

The equipment we have at our disposal for conventional analysis includes:

  • HILTI coring system DD130-RG
  • HILTI coring system DD200
  • Baustoff-Prüfsysteme Wennigsen bore dust removal device BMEG-2010

By combining conventional structural testing (testing by taking samples) with non-destructive test procedures (e.g. non-destructive location of reinforcements), it is possible to limit the damage to the structure caused by the investigation and optimise the validity of the test results. 


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