Structural analysis/surveys

If a structure has been damaged as a result of the use of incorrect building materials, deficient build quality, improper use, etc., its continued fitness for purpose must be analysed: the width and extent of cracks must be documented, damp patches located and efflorescences recorded. Conclusions as to the cause can be drawn from the type and location of any defects, and this knowledge can be used to initiate appropriate repair measures. The damage analysis can also be used to estimate the potential risks and make an assessment as to any further use of the structure.

Our services include the following analyses of structures in building construction, civil and structural engineering:

  • Surveys/reports on the extent of the damage
    - Documentation of cracks, efflorescence, spalling, damp patches, etc.
    - Recording of visual defects
  • Determination of the cause of the damage
    based on the type and location of existing damage
  • Condition assessment
    taking account of external factors (climatic stress, planned use, static/dynamic load)
  • Drawing up repair measures

In order to be able to comprehensively assess the state of a structure, it is often necessary to take samples for further analysis in the laboratory. You can view the options we offer and the objective of taking samples here. This conventional structural analysis can be replaced with non-destructive tests in some cases


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