Our competent and dedicated engineers offer complex solutions for the analysis, assessment and strengthening of structural components and buildings. In order to assess the stability and durability of your structures, damage is detected and its causes determined. On the basis of these findings, we create concepts for strengthening and repair or restoration, and then inspect their implementation on your behalf.

  • A recognised testing, inspection and certification body in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation — an inspection authority for class 2 and 3 concrete, crack-filling materials, tensioning technology, reinforcing elements for the shear reinforcement of supporting structures and for composite girders
  • Testing of civil engineering structures in accordance with DIN 1076 — bridge structures of all kinds, as well as tunnels, supporting walls and passages, documentation in accordance with RIEBW-PRÜF or in accordance with the client’s requirements, object damage analysis (ODA)
  • Building diagnostics, reports, preservation of evidence — determination of the state of construction, surveying and determining the cause of construction damage, reports for the preservation of evidence, non-destructive and low-destruction testing (e.g. measuring concrete cover, determining compressive strength and bond strength of concrete), measurements to locate active corrosion and to assess risk of corrosion (potential field measurements and measurement of the specific electrical resistance of concrete)
  • Construction inspection — repair of concrete structures in accordance with ZTV-ING, damage-specific solutions, ongoing inspection of construction and repair measures