We conduct technical material analysis and construction-related diagnostics on metallic components and on complete structures within the fields of structural engineering, industrial construction and bridge construction, as well as the analysis of roof and façade designs, heating and sanitary installations, assemblies in mechanical and plant engineering, corrosion protection systems and coatings. Alongside the modern testing technology in our laboratory, we also have numerous non-destructive investigative procedures at our disposal for use on-site. We would be happy to provide manufacturers and secondary producers with support and advice with regard to quality assurance. In addition to this, we are active worldwide in the inspection and certification of metal construction products and reinforcement technology.

  • A recognised testing, inspection and certification body in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation for concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as construction products for masonry
  • Damage analysis and reports — site evaluation, determination of the scope and cause of damage, analysis of transport and damage mechanisms, preservation of evidence
  • Accredited testing laboratory for mineral-based materials — manufacture of mortars and concretes, tests on fresh mortar and concrete, strength tests, testing of behaviour under climatic stress conditions, determination of the deformation behaviour, light microscopic studies
  • Technical site studies — construction site analysis/status report, conventional site analysis, non-destructive testing using various physical procedures
  • Research and development — production technology, mortar and concrete technology, repair systems, the ageing processes of mineral-based materials, the further development of sustainable and safe materials

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