It is the ability to combine numerical methods and/or engineering models with the experimental test procedures used in MFPA Leipzig GmbH’s other business divisions that guarantees the best possible analysis of load-bearing structures in relation to the tasks required.

We assess all technical and static/structural requirements that are placed on a new or already existing load-bearing structure. The results consist of reliable statements regarding the load-bearing behaviour and capacity of the structure, as well as regarding its fitness for purpose and cost-effectiveness.

  • Calculations as to the temperature distribution in the event of a fire and fire protection design of components and special constructions
    The FE models used are validated in accordance with the national application documents relating to DIN EN 1991-1-2, Appendix cc, and are suitable for the verification of structural fire protection.
  • General non-linear structural calculations
    The finite element method (FEM) is a calculation procedure that is used throughout the entire field of engineering for the numerical simulation of the behaviour of solid bodies such as building structures, vehicles or tools.

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