We conduct tests on products from the field of waste and rainwater processing, based on national and international norms and standards or in accordance with individual customer requests. Here our comprehensive concept includes the testing of material properties, the testing of individual components and the testing of component combinations and systems.

  • A recognised testing, verification and certification body in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation, and a DAkkS-accredited test laboratory and a DAkkS-accredited inspection authority for domestic and foreign certifiers of pipes, moulded parts, shafts made from concrete/reinforced concrete, synthetic materials and stoneware, manhole covers, rehabilitation procedures and products, drainage channels and seals made from elastomers
  • Recognised by Deutsche Bahn AG and the German Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahnbundesamt, EBA) as a testing and inspection body for plastic pipes and shafts
  • Application-oriented tests to verify usability, for example within the scope of tests for the acquisition of a General Technical Approval, such as the simulation of the load conditions on buried pipes, shafts and other underground structures, and of stresses during operation, as well as the determination of resistance to wear and impact stresses

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