Testing capacities in the Pipe Testing Centre working group

On this page you can find a selection of the services we offer. MFPA Leipzig is accredited for the standards marked with *.

Tests on elastomeric seals in accordance with DIN EN 681/DIN 4060

  • DIN ISO 3384 – Stress relaxation in compression
  • DIN ISO 48* – Determination of hardness (IRHD)
  • ISO 37* – Determination of tensile stress-strain properties
  • DIN ISO 815* – Determination of compression set
  • DIN ISO 1817* – Determination of the effect of liquids (change in volume)

        Tests on synthetic materials

        • DIN ISO 1133* – Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR)
        • DIN EN ISO 1183-1* – Determination of density using the immersion method
        • DIN EN ISO 2039-1* – Determination of hardness using the ball indentation method
        • DIN EN ISO 178* – Determination of flexural properties (three-point bending test)
        • DIN EN ISO 179-1* – Determination of Charpy impact properties
        • DIN EN ISO 527-1 to 7* – Determination of tensile properties
        • Flexible accreditation – Determination of tensile properties from 1 to 1000 kN

        Tests on plastic piping/piping systems

        • DIN EN 1277* – Leaktightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints
        • DIN EN ISO 2505* – Determination of longitudinal reversion
        • DIN EN ISO 580* – Visual assessment of the effects of heating
        • DIN EN 744* – Resistance to external blows (round-the-clock method)
        • DIN EN 1411* – Resistance to external blows (staircase method)
        • DIN EN 12061* – Test for impact resistance
        • DIN EN 12256* – Test for mechanical strength or flexibility
        • DIN EN ISO 9969* – Determination of ring stiffness
        • DIN EN ISO 9967* – Determination of creep ratio
        • DIN EN 1446*/DIN EN ISO 13968* – Determination of ring flexibility
        • DIN EN ISO 3126* – Determination of dimensions
        • DIN EN 1228* – Determination of initial specific ring stiffness in GRP pipes
        • DIN EN 1055/ISO 13257 – Resistance to elevated temperature cycling of soil and waste discharge pipes within buildings (temperature cycle test)

        Tests on pipes and pipe fittings made from vitrified clay

        • DIN EN 295* – e.g. geometry, crown compressive strength, abrasion resistance

        Stress relaxation in compression in accordance with DIN ISO 3384

        To test for stress relaxation in compression, a test specimen is deformed by a specified amount. The counter force produced by the test specimen is recorded continuously. This test uses test equipment that guarantees precise setting of the deformation and measurement of the force.

        Pipes and pipe fittings made from vitrified clay to DIN EN 295

        Testing of pipes and pipe fittings made from vitrified clay is performed in accordance with the test methods set out in DIN EN 295-3:

        • “Darmstadt tipping trough” abrasion resistance test

        Resistance to elevated temperature cycling of soil and waste water pipes in accordance with DIN EN 1055

        In this test, a piping system for discharging soil and waste within a building is tested to determine its temperature resistance. To do this, hot water (approx. 93°C) and cold water (approx. 15°C) are passed alternately through a predefined length of pipe in accordance with a specified duration and number of cycles. 

        The test facility at MFPA Leipzig GmbH can be used with a specifiable temperature range of from 5°C to 95°C. 


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