We are your competent point of contact for all questions relating to the new and further development, use and testing of sealing products and solutions. Alongside practical and large-scale product tests, we also perform expert assessments of moisture damage and defective waterproofing, locate points at which moisture is entering, develop repair solutions, provide advice in the selection of sealing solutions and check that these have been properly implemented.

  • A recognised testing, inspection and certification body in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation, and a DAkkS-accredited test laboratory and a DAkkS-accredited inspection body for joint seals in waterproofed buildings, mineral-based sealing slurries, waterproof seals beneath tiles, waterproofing of buildings using liquid polymers, polymer-enhanced thick bituminous coatings, sealing sheets, moisture barriers, sarking and suspended ceiling membranes, wall damp courses, ETAG 022, heating oil storage container coatings
  • A DIBt-designated testing body for the testing of environmental sustainability of injection materials, sewer rehabilitation agents, the waterproofing of buildings
  • A recognised testing body for the testing of coating systems and repair systems in plants storing or handling substances hazardous to water or liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent
  • An authorised test body in accordance with WTA Code of Practice 4-10  Testing the resilience of injection materials to capillary water transport
  • Testing and inspection of injection gels in accordance with the STUVA ABI Information Sheet
  • Surveying/Preservation of evidence — building and roof waterproofing, sealing of interior rooms, water-impermeable concrete structures

Your point of contact

Division Manager
Ute Hornig
T +49 (0)341 6582-108
F +49 (0)341 6582-199