Our range of services includes a wide range of geotechnical tests in the fields of earthworks, foundation engineering, civil engineering, road construction and waste disposal site construction, on the basis of national and international norms and standards or according to individual requirements.


Our services include the preservation of evidence and surveys, subsoil and foundation assessments, damage reports – and not only in traffic areas –, as well as the verification and certification of construction materials. Alongside services relating to regulated construction materials, we can also offer quality control services for innovative construction materials (e.g. temporarily free-flowing, self-sealing filling materials).

  • A recognised testing, verification and certification body in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation  for all aggregates used in concrete (including the German “Alkali Guideline”) and in road construction
  • A DAkkS-accredited test laboratory for the determination of the geometric and mechanical properties of aggregates
  • A soil testing authority recognised in accordance with RAP-Stra, including for soil improvements, aggregates, construction material mixtures for layers without bonding agents and for earthworks

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