In our test laboratory, which covers an area of around 2,000 square metres, we conduct small to large-scale testing on components and structures made from the most varied of materials and under the most varied of climatic conditions. Furthermore, with our mobile testing and measuring devices, we also perform load studies and oscillation measurements directly on the building, or verify the structural safety of your structural installations using monitoring systems. In order to perform a comprehensive analysis of the performance capability of your materials and structures, and to further develop your products, we work alongside you to produce an individual test programme, and advise you on CE labelling or approval issues.

  • Test technology — computer-based, servo-hydraulic test cylinder systems, pulsators and test machines for the static and dynamic testing of test specimens of up to 36 m in length and 9 m in width, with the application of test forces ranging from 0.1 N to 14,000 kN
  • Measuring technology — computer-supported measurement data logging with an online display of the force, travel, extension, inclination, crack opening, acceleration, oscillation speed, pressure, suction, temperature, humidity and rainfall (short and long-term monitoring)
  • Test conditions — climatic chambers of varying sizes with freely configurable temperatures ranging between -40 and 80 °C and up to 95 % air humidity

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