Suspended ceilings

MFPA Leipzig GmbH is recognised, accredited and notified in Germany as a testing body for determining the performance characteristics of suspended ceilings in accordance with DIN EN 13964. Working Group 2.1 performs tests to determine the mechanical properties and prepares the initial type test required for CE marking on:

  • Suspended ceiling kits
  • Suspended ceiling substructure kits/components
  • Suspended ceiling boards

Our services

We offer the following services for the preparation of an initial type test (ITT) for suspended ceilings/ceiling substructure kits:

Mechanical tests in accordance with DIN EN 13964

  • Determining the failure characteristics (safety against failure/impact resistance)
  • Testing the flexural tensile strength of ceiling membranes (unloaded, with additional loads)
  • Determining the load-bearing capacity of suspended ceiling substructure components
  • Functional test (dynamic test – resistance to wind stress)
  • Determining the impact strength/safety against ball throwing
  • Determining the shatter resistance in accordance with EN 12600

We also offer:

Your point of contact

Working Group Leader
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Immanuel Wojan
T +49 (0)341 6582-129
F +49 (0)341 6582-181