Test verification of glass constructions

Over the years, MFPA Leipzig has conducted numerous tests on glass constructions (barrier glazing, overhead glazing, underfoot glazing and special constructions), which in each case led to approval for the intended use of the installation. As a recognised testing body, MFPA Leipzig is also authorised by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik to issue General Technical Test Certificates for construction in accordance with the current technical regulations.

Our services

  • Pendulum impact test (experimental verification of impact safety) on barrier glazing in accordance with the TRAV technical regulations and the currently applicable version of DIN 18008-4
  • Verification of impact safety of underfoot glazing in accordance with DIN 18008-5
  • Tests to determine the residual load-bearing capacity (residual load-bearing reliability) in accordance with DIN 18008-5
  • Testing of loads on capping beams (defined line load in the beam height)
  • Test verifications for glass supports (load-bearing capacity for normal loads and transverse loads, stiffness values, torque stress) in accordance with DIN 18008-3
  • Test verification of wind and snow load capacity
  • Photoelastic investigations


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