We test the fire resistance of various structural components such as ceilings, walls, suspended ceilings, fire protection coatings, bracings, fire-resistant glazing and fire protection barriers, on the basis of German and European standards. In so doing, we advise you with regard to the characteristic properties to be tested within the scope of product development and provide expert opinions for specific approvals, approval procedures or the clarification of minor deviations.

Our specific strengths include our experience in the testing of tunnel components that are subject to heavy loads in the event of fire to see how they would respond in the event of a liquid fire. All conventional temperature/time curves such as uniform, hydrocarbon and Rijkswaterstaat temperature/time curves, or the temperature/time curve as per the ZTV-ING and EBA can be drawn on.

Furthermore, we conduct fire tests based on the original condition after installation and examine the fire behaviour of construction products at or on the surfaces of exterior building walls, wooden façades, thermal insulation composite systems, glazed façades, balcony coatings, membranes, sound walls, stored goods, railway vehicles and containers – including those with a multi-level design.

  • A recognised testing, inspection and certification body for structural components in accordance with state building regulations and the EU Construction Products Regulation
  • Fire resistance tests
  • Tunnel fire tests
  • Small-scale test stands
  • Genuine fires in entire structures and vehicles
  • Test and classification reports, test certificates, expert opinions and study reports
  • Façade tests

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Michael Juknat
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