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New technical article in the current "Stahlbau" issue

Material properties of historical steels of the exhibition hall 12 in Leipzig at elevated temperatures.

This is the title of a technical article published a few days ago by our engineers Susanne Reichel and Manuel Neck in close cooperation with Markus Thieme (S&P Group) in the current issue of “Stahlbau”.

The article deals with the material investigations on historic steel structures in connection with the reconstruction of exhibition hall 12 at the “Alte Messe” in Leipzig. The aim here is to upgrade the original load-bearing structure in a way that is compatible with the preservation of historical monuments, which is to be integrated into the new building being constructed.

In order to verify the stability, material tests of the steels and the riveted joints were carried out both under ambient temperature and at elevated temperatures. From the test results, calculation values for the verification were derived in analogy to the regulations of Eurocode 3.

Foto des Versuchsaufbaus während der laufenden Prüfung und geschlossenem Ofen