Fire-resistance testing of a wall–ceiling connection made of solid-wood elements

The test specimen from Massiv-Holz-Mauer Entwicklungs GmbH consisted of a wall (nailed cross-laminated timber construction) as well as a connection to a laminated-timber ceiling (manufactured by Bestwood Schneider) by means of a connection commonly used in the construction industry. 

MFPA Leipzig GmbH developed a test set-up to verify the smoke tightness (with reference to Section 14 of the Model Building Code, [MBO], which is normally not possible using standardised fire-resistance tests on wall and/or ceiling components. Here, a loaded fire test was able to verify not just the ceiling and wall components, but also the connection situation. 

To simulate a multi-storey building, real-world mechanical stresses were introduced into the wall and ceiling test specimens. 

In this way, it was verified that, in a standardised fully developed fire scenario, the requirements for load-bearing capacity, integrity and the insulation criterion were met not only by the respective ceiling and wall components, but also in the connection area.