New façade test facility inaugurated!

After a lengthy break for renovations, MFPA Leipzig GmbH is now reporting back with a new façade test centre. The external wall fire testing stand has already been inaugurated with calibration testing, and is now available to customers.

And it’s not only the booth that’s new; the old building too has been given a shiny new look. We have converted our testing space and set up an observation room, enabling us to monitor testing in a protected space without being exposed to any smoke. Our observations of the fire can then be compared directly with the real-time readings display. Redesigning our test facility has enabled us to convert quickly and easily to a test facility that is compliant with the regulations and in line with the German testing procedure DIN 4102-20 and the British testing procedure BS 8414-1. This then allows us to broaden our repertoire of testing to include DIN 4102-20, E DIN 4102-24, BS 8414-1 as well as external wall fire tests in accordance with MVVT, appendix 5.

However, we have not altered one important feature of our test facility: it is still located in a heated room where tests can be performed all year round as usual. We look forward to undertaking some very informative fire testing!

Our head test engineer Ms Kramer will be happy to answer any queries or to arrange an appointment: 

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Sabine Kramer
Email: s.kramer@
Tel: +49 (0) 341 6582-121