Extraordinary projects

Lastenkran in der Prüfhalle mit Blick zur Decke

Find out more about our special testing options and extraordinary projects here…

Cooperation projects

2 sich Händereichende Geschäftspartner an einem Schreibtisch mit Laptop

Find out more about cooperation with our partners for a wide range of projects here…

Project examples

Foto brennender Fahrzeuge während eines Tunnelbrands Versuch im Brandschutz

Simulation of large-scale fires in road tunnels

Full-scale puddle fire test in the testing tunnel of MFPA Leipzig in order to…

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Nahaufnahme eines Querschnitts einer Entwicklung eines Aluminiumschaumverbunds

ICEx – development of an end car cabin made of foamed aluminium composite

Research, development and experimental testing, as well as application of…

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Technische Darstellung ovaler Reaktorsysteme aus Stahlfaserbeton

Project for optimising energetic biomass use

Monitoring of constructional parameters and optimisation of material properties…

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Brandverhalten von Carbonbeton

C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite

Our tasks included experimental verification concerning the creep behaviour in…

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Lärmschutzwand in horizontaler Lage während einer Dauerbelastungsprüfung

Dynamic bending test of a noise protection wall

In order to obtain an approval by the Federal Railway Authority, the business…

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Hydraulische Vertikalbelastung mehrerer Stahlträger bei einem Brandversuch

Fire resistance testing of a wall/ceiling connection made of solid wood elements

MFPA Leipzig GmbH developed a corresponding test set-up to verify smoke…

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