Mounting systems accordingto EAD 280016-00-0602

Characterisation of performance properties at ambient temperature and in the event of fire.

Damage assessment and repair concept after the Königshainer Berge tunnel fire

The assignment of MFPA Leipzig GmbH was to record the damage and to assess the materials and the static and structural condition of the tunnel.

Load testing in the context of converting the former Aktienspinnerei building in Chemnitz

Experimental load-bearing safety verification of historic cast iron supports in the old Aktienspinnerei building in Chemnitz.

Laminated safety glass noise protection wall elements along railway tracks

The goal is to draw up specific recommendations for obtaining usability certification for the transparent infill panels of noise protection wall elements featuring laminated safety glass.

Fire testing for the High Speed 2 (HS2) in the United Kingdom

MFPA Leipzig GmbH performs fire tests to verify the suitability of the concretes used for all tunnels and train stations.