Mounting systems in technical building installations are characterised by a wide range of products with countless possible combinations. A high degree of flexibility and efficiency in verification is therefore necessary, both under ambient conditions and in the event of fire. EAD 280016-00-0602 is a modular hybrid verification concept. The modular aspect caters for the desire to consider the different components largely separately, and to determine the relevant performance properties for a specific product. The bearing and deformation behaviour of the overall structure is determined based on the performance properties of the individual components. A hybrid approach using experimental and mathematical methods allows for the relevant performance properties to be identified comprehensively and precisely.

We are your competent partner for characterising mounting systems for technical building installations. Our services range from conceptualising required examinations through to issuance of ETAs by any TAB. In addition to offering all experimental methods, we are an accredited testing institute that is recognised by the technical assessment bodies for the EAD 280016-00-0602, and we also perform analytical and numerical calculations of performance properties and final expert assessments.

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