On 18 May 2013, a lorry burned out in the Königshainer Berge tunnel near Görlitz, which is 3,281 metres long, making it one of Germany’s ten longest road tunnels. The fire caused damage to the road surface of the motorway A4 and to the interior shell of the tunnel.

MFPA Leipzig GmbH was instructed to record the damage and to assess the materials and the static and structural condition of the tunnel. Comprehensive construction diagnostic tests were carried out at the site of the incident in this context. Physical and chemical parameters were determined on site and using collected samples. The findings were used to draw up a repair concept. This repair concept was then implemented, allowing for the tunnel to be available for traffic once again, after just a short time.

Technical article on the project"Tunnel Königshainer Berge - From fire damage to repair concept".

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