The High Speed 2, or HS2 for short, is a high-speed railway line that is currently under construction in the United Kingdom. The first project phase is the section from London Euston rail station to Birmingham (Phase 1).

MFPA Leipzig GmbH performs fire tests to verify the suitability of the concretes used for all tunnels and train stations. For this project, we have been able to draw upon our experience from tunnel projects such as Cityringen Copenhagen, the underground network in Qatar and Crossrail London, for which we performed tunnel fire tests in the past. We first started to perform tunnel fire tests under high load based on corresponding temperature-time curves (such as RWS, EBA- ZTV-ING) with the Leipzig city tunnel, back in 2005. We have since tested over 1,000 tunnel components of various shapes and stress levels in more than 50 projects.

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