The Structural Engineering division of MFPA Leipzig GmbH regularly performs water-tightness tests as part of its external monitoring services.

In the specific case of water-tightness testing on the tubing string, the test is performed with three connected reinforced concrete tubes (DN 700 in this case).

The basis for this type of test is provided by the standards DIN EN 1916 and DIN V 1201. In two testing cycles of 15 minutes each, the water-tightness of concrete and tube connections is verified at an internal testing pressure of 0.5 bar in the first and 1.0 bar in the second cycle, while the water added is measured continuously. The method is generally suitable for testing tubes with nominal diameters between DN 300 and DN 1600.

Wasserdichtheitsprüfung am Rohrstrang in einer Rohrprüfhalle

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