Test loading of swimming pool building in Dresden

Load tests on the roof of the swimming pool building


City of Dresden, Construction Department

Other references

You can find other references for test loading by the Experimental construction mechanics working group in the Load-bearing structures and constructions business division here.

  • Type of property: Public building
  • Component tested: Suspended roof
  • Reason: To determine safety in use for a further 30 years

After 40 years of use, the plan is for the swimming pool building to be used for a further 30 years. It therefore needed to be brought up to the appropriate technical standard. This requires the construction of the pool building to allow for sufficiently long-term and safe use. 

From the top edge of the floor, the building is made entirely of prefabricated parts. The main load-bearing elements are the prestressed cable suspension shell, the edge beams, trestles and the foundations. Together these form a load-bearing system; the type and condition of the bonding elements are decisive factors in its effectiveness.

In order to identify any damage or defects in the bonding elements, load tests were conducted on the roof construction. Since the roof construction is curved in shape, the loads could not be generated in the conventional manner. Specially manufactured hoses that adapted to the shape of the roof were filled with water. This represented a major challenge for our team, for which we found an excellent solution.