MFPA Leipzig GmbH approves the use of the MFPA quality seals “tested quality” and “monitored quality” on request, provided that one of the following points applies:

  • MFPA Leipzig GmbH has carried out all necessary tests for your building product or method and the required performance indicators were met.
  • MFPA Leipzig GmbH monitors your in-house production control at regular intervals and with positive results.

I. Quality seal for products

In combination with result reports, this quality seal confirms that the product has been manufactured in accordance with applicable European standards and satisfies all requirements of these standards.

II. Quality seal for monitoring in-house production control

MFPA Leipzig GmbH monitors your in-house production control at regular intervals and certifies your compliance with all stipulations. In addition to symbols that are relevant according to building regulations, you can use the “monitored quality” seal for advertising purposes to prove the reliable quality of your production.

Applying for the MFPA quality seal

Tested and monitored quality!

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Geprüfte Qualität MFPA Siegel
Überwachte Qualität MFPA Siegel

Provisions for use

The quality seal does not replace any statutory mark of conformity such as the CE or Ü mark. Nor is it a mark that approves the product for a particular use.

The use of the quality seal issued by MFPA Leipzig GmbH on the product, in leaflets, brochures, on the internet or similar media is allowed if these are directly connected to the tested/monitored product or the in-house production control. No changes may be made to the content, the size can be adjusted as required.

Furthermore, it is imperative that the product is manufactured/monitored in accordance with European standards and can be proven to satisfy all requirements of these standards through testing/monitoring at MFPA Leipzig GmbH.

General use (e.g. on business stationery) without a direct reference to the tested/monitored product named on the quality seal is not permitted.

The validity of the MFPA Leipzig GmbH quality seal is linked to the validity of the results report or the monitoring contract, and it expires after a maximum of 5 years. Upon expiration of the report’s validity date/termination of the contract

a) the quality seal must be immediately removed from all media listed above or
b) approval for using the quality seal for advertising purposes may be renewed by request.


MFPA Leipzig GmbH can forbid the use of the quality seal or stipulate further conditions for its use at any time. There is no legal entitlement to the MFPA Leipzig GmbH quality seal. The general terms and conditions of MFPA Leipzig GmbH apply in addition.