Testing of thermal insulation systems and curtain walls in line with various technical specifications such as: ETAG 004, EAD 040083-00-0404, EAD 090062-00-0404, EAD 040089-00-0404 and DIN EN 12467 on our hygrothermal wall testing station. We offer accredited testing.

Our two weathering systems are controlled automatically, allowing for temperatures between –25 and +80°C and temperature-dependent humidity between ideal 0% and 100% to be specified for the test room. The samples can also be sprayed using a sprinkler system (capacity of approx. 1-3 l/(m²/minute) each).

Various substructures are available for testing. The systems can be applied to solid walls (concrete or sand-lime brick) or to a wooden stand construction.

Both testing facilities allow for test walls to be added on two sides. We also have an annex for simulating indoor climate (15 to 45°C and 40 to 85% relative humidity).

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