Aufbau des Längsschallleitungsprüfstands mit 2 Kammern

Our modern longitudinal wave conduction testing station enables us to perform measurements of flanking transmission of airborne sound, footstep sound and sound of building technology installations in line with the DIN EN ISO 10848 standard series.

The measurement results are needed to predict longitudinal wave conduction between parallel components (e.g. glass façades, ribbon windows, lightweight walls, raised floors, suspended ceilings) of neighbouring spaces in construction, as well as the sound transmission of technical building units.

Contact Person

Dietmar Sprinz

T +49 (0)341 6582-115
F +49 (0)341 6582-181

Further information

The longitudinal wave conduction testing station is located at ground level. You can park your vehicle directly at the testing station. Any vertical components such as glass façades and lightweight walls can be mounted directly at the testing station from the outside if needed.

  • Glass facades, ribbon windows
  • Lightweight walls
  • Raised floors
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Technical building units
  • etc.