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Timber construction - a new working group of MFPA Leipzig GmbH

The will to build structures from wood and other renewable and sustainable raw materials in the future is not only being felt politically, but also by many people. At the same time
many requirements are placed on modern buildings. These are to be considered from the planned use just as the building-legal and/or legal requirements regarding stability, traffic security, fire protection, heat, sound and vibration protection as well as protection against harmful influences by water, humidity, vegetable and animal pests or other chemical, physical or biological impairments.

In order to be able to make better use of our many years of experience in many areas of timber construction for our customers due to the increased demand and to develop solutions and verifications for these requirements together with the manufacturers/builders of the structures, the new working group “Timber Construction” at MFPA Leipzig GmbH will start its work on 01.01.2022. In this way, we would like to visibly demonstrate to the outside world that we, as a future-oriented company, want to fulfill the social and political desire to increasingly build with wood with a high degree of responsibility. The working group initially consists of three experienced specialists in the field of timber construction, who focus on the areas of stability & traffic safety, fire protection and building physics. From 01.03.2022, the working group will be strengthened in terms of personnel in the area of the assessment of plant and animal pests and other chemical, physical or biological impairments.

The contact person and simultaneous head of the “Timber Construction” working group is Dipl.-Ing (FH) Volker Ahnert, a long-time employee of MFPA Leipzig GmbH, who can be reached at 0341/6582151 or v.ahnert@mfpa-leipzig.de. The new working group is additionally supported by all other approx. 120 MFPA colleagues, who are available not only with advice and support, but also with a wide range of testing equipment and many years of testing experience.

We would be pleased to go down the “timber construction road” together with you.